15 Tips for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

  1. If you have any noticeable tan lines you want to get rid of, go tanning two weeks prior to your session.  Do not go tanning less than 5 days prior to your shoot.  Do NOT use fake/spray tan before your shoot. 
  2. Pick out lingerie a week before your session and make sure it fits properly.  Select 3-5 pieces that accentuate your assets and de-emphasize the areas you want.  Bring extra stockings in case you get a run in them.
  3. Robes and shawls are great accessories and can be used to conceal any areas you don't want to emphasize.  Bring a robe to wear between outfit changes or incorporate in your photos.
  4. Remove all the tags and stickers from your outfits before you arrive.
  5. Bring a few accessories like jewelry, fan and feathers. Bring sexy, heels and/or boots.  Funky shoes like fun sneakers or roller skates are also great!
  6. Make sure you manicure your hands and feet.  Match nail polish to your outfit.
  7. Make sure your body hair is well groomed.  If you shave, do this the night before.  If you wax, do this no less than 48 hours before your shoot.
  8. Do not drink alcohol the night before as it is dehydrating and can make your face puffy and splotchy.
  9. Moisturize in the morning before your session.  Do NOT use moisturizer with sunscreen, as it will create flashback in your photos.
  10. DO not wear any make up to the session if you are using a professional makeup artist
  11. Do not experiment with any new beauty products before your session such as tanning, chemical peels, etc. to avoid any bad interactions.
  12. Stretch before your session so you are flexible.
  13. Bring plenty of water and snack in case you get hungry.
  14. Arrive in loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing a bra, underwear, socks or anything that will leave unsightly dent marks in your skin.
  15. Don't be nervous!  Trust your photographer.  Bring a friend for moral support. Most importantly, have fun and be yourself!